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Yfke Laanstra
Yfke Laanstra


Join me on my quest @the cutting edge of Consciousness, Computer Technology and Human Potential.

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We are living in truly exciting times. In which technology is enabling us to reach deeper, aim higher and go further than any human has ever been before. We are able to create synthetic life, edit our genetic blueprint, build quantum supercomputers, enter virtual worlds of galactic proportions and infuse all of this with Artificial Intelligence.

This is rapidly and irreversibly changing the world we live in and invites each and everyone of us to ask ourselves these questions: 'what is this reality I find myself in, what is it comprised of and how do I navigate it?' And even more so: 'who am I and what does it mean to be truly Human in this High Tech world?' #knowthyself

Join me on this Adventure Game of Life, explore multiple realities, in a Quest for the Source Code. Enter inside yourself, discover seemingly lost data, boost your consciousness and shift your perception.

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My online community is the digital starting and meeting point of this journey. In here you can explore content at the intersection of consciousness, computer technology and human potential. Create a profile and connect with fellow Future Imagineers, exchange and interact. All within a dedicated, secure and state-of-the-art online environment.

Curious to read my (Dutch) book 'Bits, Bytes & Bewustzijn'? Order it in hard copy or in digital format: let me know. 

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I feel deeply fulfilled when exploring the cutting edge of consciousness, computer technology and human potential. Touch upon different themes, zoom out, ask burning questions, discover different angles and connect the dots in an unexpected (and seemingly illogical) manner. Topics/ questions like: 

  • what is this reality we find ourselves in, what is it composed of and who/what is involved? #realitycheck
  • why is it so important to #knowthyself, at the core level?
  • what are the implications and applications of computer technology (nano tech, gen tech, AI, quantum computers, mixed reality, the metaverse, synthetic biology, gaming etc) on our #consciousness, wellbeing and humanness?
  • what does the Hero's Journey constitute of and what is the difference between the Artificial and the Organic version? #gameoflife
  • what is our Inner Technology all about and how can you (re)activate it? #compassion #imagination #consciousness
  • what (significant) part does computer technology play in your reality and why is all of this in need of a major review? #wakeupcall
  • are we caught up in some kind of computer simulation, hologram or giant video game? Was #thematrix actually a documentary instead of a SciFi movie?
  • how can you deal with computer technology in a mindful manner and why is that important? #slowtech
  • why does the Law of Attraction need a serious update? How can you truly write new code, open up new scripts? #transscript
  • why is it important to connect to Nature, be present, attentive and stay grounded when you're up in the Cloud? #slownature
  • what is this quest for god-like powers anyway, and why are we so obsessed by artificial ascension? #transhumanism
  • what is the role of Artificial Intelligence in all of this? #AI

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In the meantime feel free to check out the Table of Contents of my (Dutch) book 'Bits, Bytes & Bewustzijn', the Dutch intro chapter, the translated English intro chapter, my bio and some review highlights from readers

Hope to see you soon, live or online!
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